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10 Ways Technology can Enhance your Life


Technology has helped to create a better world and enhance lives. But it can also help you achieve more in your life and work. It is advancing ever faster developments. It can enhance, and simplify, to improve our lives.

We’re living in a golden age of technology. There are more ways to access information, communicate with others and share ideas than ever before.

If you can harness the power of technology, it can be an amazing tool for learning about the world around you, staying in touch with others and even finding new sources of entertainment. Here are ten ways technology can enhance your life:

Read news from around the world

A few years ago, if you wanted to stay up-to-date on breaking news, you had to turn on the television or read a newspaper. Today, it’s as easy as going online. You can go to news websites like CNN or Fox News and watch live coverage of what’s happening in the world. You can also set up news alerts for your phone so you’ll get a notification when something big happens. With just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet, you can know what’s happening everywhere in the world within minutes.

Learn how to do almost anything

The internet has become a massive resource for learning how to do just about anything. You can find videos that teach you how to fix broken items around your house or learn how to cook new dishes. There are even classes you can take online to learn any skill you want to pick up. You don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong with your appliances or other items because there is likely a tutorial available online that will show you exactly what you need to do. Use this vast resource to enhance your life by learning any skills you want.

Exercise your brain

If you want to keep your brain sharp, try playing an online game or even downloading an app for your smartphone or tablet. You can find puzzles and games that will help you improve your memory or increase your speed and accuracy when working with numbers. There are also educational games for kids that help them learn about everything from math and science to history and geography.

Stay connected

Technology makes it easy for people all over the world to stay connected. You can call, text or email anyone from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a phone or computer with internet access. You can share photos and videos, send messages and even make video calls in real time using apps such as Skype and FaceTime. Technology also allows you to stay connected through other social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Find answers

Need an answer? Google it. Need directions? Google Maps has got you covered. Need to know what the weather is going to be like this weekend? Check out your favorite weather app. The vast amount of information available at our fingertips is a wonderful tool.

Share your knowledge with others

Whether you’re writing a blog, crafting a tweet, or sharing videos on YouTube, technology provides multiple platforms for sharing your passions and knowledge with others who are interested in the same things as you.

Improve your health and fitness

New technologies can help you keep track of your eating habits, exercise schedule and even monitor how well you sleep each night. You can use wearable fitness monitors to track your steps, heart rate and other vital statistics or buy a high-tech bathroom scale that connects to your smartphone. If you want to get in shape and stay healthy, there has never been a better time to do so thanks to tech’s ability to keep you on track.

Entertain yourself

There are endless ways to entertain yourself using technology. You could watch a movie on your laptop, play a game on your phone or read an interesting article on your tablet. Streaming services like Netflix allow you to instantly stream movies.

Illustrations how Technology Enhances our Lives

We have more knowledge and understanding of the world at our fingertips than ever before. Between the Internet, mobile devices and social media, we can access information, research or entertainment from virtually anywhere in the world.  These few examples illustrate how technology is enhancing our lives by making tasks easier, less time consuming and more enjoyable.

It can help you become a better investor

Technology also helps enhance lives of those who are in the business world. It can help you become a better investor by giving access to a wide range of markets and financial instruments, so that instead of just putting money into a savings account where it earns next to nothing, your money works for you by earning interest or dividends or capital gains while it is saved, letting it grow over time as compound interest takes effect.

  1. Phones

Smartphones provide a plethora of benefits. We can use them to keep in touch with friends and family through voice calls or text messaging; we can listen to music, watch movies or play games; we can take pictures or videos; we can check email; we can find our way around a new town using GPS; we can check out a potential date on Facebook; we can browse news sites for the latest headlines and much more.

  • Social media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites allow us to communicate with others around the globe in real time. They also allow us to share photos and videos with family members who may be far away.

  • Laptops

The popularity of laptops has grown rapidly over the past few years because they are portable computers that allow us to work from practically anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. You may not be able to check your email or do research


Overall, I feel like technology has improved and enhanced our lives in many ways. Not only are we able to connect with friends and family through the internet; but we can also access information to help us learn and grow. In 10 years from now, I believe we will see an even bigger impact of technology on our lives.

Gwendolyn Russell

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