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Blockchain is already revolutionizing the business world in different areas. Businesses are now constantly looking to find a top blockchain development company to solve their specific problems. This technology utilizes its various platforms to provide solutions to businesses. There are now many blockchain platforms with applications that solve the problems of several companies today.

Now businesses can grow with this revolution as you can find top companies developing blockchain technology.

How Can Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Your Business?

Blockchain platforms have a lot of applications in providing solutions to the daily problems of businesses. This technology can build software for companies in handling situations such as;

  • Financial Transactions; Transfer of funds between businesses or companies is a significant challenge globally. These transactions mostly have problems with speed, high charges, and other technical issues. The use of blockchain’s decentralized system to help with financial transactions has been a hit. And it offers an improvement in global trading.
  • Cybersecurity; This aspect of blockchain influence is a vast one. Cyber attacks on private business data can be costly. Blockchain finds a way of protecting data while also providing transparency. So, cyberattacks can be avoided and traced. Businesses can also monitor activities on their systems.

There are other ways that blockchain can influence businesses, but these are just some highlights.

So, what are the companies that can solve this problem?

Top Blockchain Development Companies

Finding a top blockchain development company can be challenging, as we have a lot of them today. This section will discuss some of the best blockchain development companies;

  1. LeewayHertz
  2. Intellectsoft
  3. ValueCoder
  4. SoluLab
  5. OyeLabs
  6. Consensys
  7. NineHertz

1.   LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is one of the best at blockchain technology. Based in the US, they provide solutions in various areas of business. They use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, IoT, and cloud services to build software that solves problems for their customers. LeewayHertz also provides end-to-end solutions with their consultation services. So, they offer planning advice, developing, maintaining, and upgrading blockchain services for companies.

One of the unique attributes of LeewayHertz is its variety of smart contracts. They have over 80 smart contracts across 10+ blockchain applications.

2.   Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft started as an App development company. They are now a top blockchain development company that offers blockchain software services and consultations. This company has deep knowledge in Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing services. And they use this knowledge to offer excellent services for startups and enterprises.

They also provide expertise in different blockchain platforms such as; Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, etc.

3.   ValueCoder

ValueCoder is one of the top blockchain technologies in India. Their blockchain technology services also find relevance in industries like health, tourism, and banking, providing solutions to security and transparency for agencies and enterprises.

The company uses its mining software programs and smart contracts to deliver thousands of projects over the years. ValueCoders also has its operations spread across over 40 countries. So, they are among the best providers of blockchain-related services for businesses.

4.   SoluLab

Solulab is yet another company that offers various blockchain services, including consultation for businesses. They provide their expertise in blockchain platforms like ICO, IEO, STO, dApps development, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning.

Most companies today often require mobile and web apps, and SoluLab provides solutions as they are excellent in app development using blockchain. SoluLab has overseen great partnerships with more than 500 agencies. Walt Disney is a perfect example of an enterprise they have worked with. This company has also delivered over a thousand projects across 15 countries. These achievements make them a top blockchain development company.

5.   OyeLabs

OyeLabs is another company suitable for modern-day businesses with their demands for web and app development. They provide customers with solutions to many business challenges with their knowledge in IoT, Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning, and blockchain services.

Although Oyelabs is still a new company, their efficiency in delivering incredible results for news businesses is worth talking about.

6.   Consensys

Consensys is one of the best Ethereum blockchain companies. Their services cover immense expertise in providing end-to-end solutions in applying the Ethereum blockchain platforms. They are also a suitable company for business with their services mainly aiming at B2B.

The services they offer include Assets management, institutional capital markets, decentralized finances, transactions, and global trade. Consensys have provided solutions to businesses and, in the process, satisfied millions of people using their platforms globally.

7.   NineHertz

NineHertz is also one of the top companies developing blockchain technology today. They are also excellent in Web and App development. And this area has a high demand among businesses today. NineHertz also has deep knowledge in technologies like IoT, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

Additionally, this company offers development with content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce solutions for businesses. This service makes them likely to partner with digital marketing companies. 

NineHertz aims at staying in touch with the latest upgrades on mobile and web app developments to ensure that they offer excellent relative solutions to their consumers.

So, these are some of the best blockchain companies you can find around the globe. Others also offer great solutions to business demands; Belisoft, Pixel Crayon, MLG Blockchain, etc.

Tips to Implement Blockchain For Your Business

Blockchain is a decentralized system of shared data in computing systems. Implementing blockchain technology requires knowledge of how the system works and how it can solve the solutions of your business.

Here are some tips to consider when implementing blockchain in your business.

  • Blockchain provides a concept where the users of a network are not centralized. However, it might be different in the case of private blockchains. So it is better to adopt the public blockchain for your business as it will allow all parties to work on the same terms.
  • Adopting smart contracts would be a ‘smart decision.’ Smart contracts allow for automation after a particular milestone. This feature is excellent for business transactions between two or more parties.


A top blockchain development company is not difficult to find. However, getting the top companies developing blockchain technologies to provide services and model the applications to your business should be the primary goal.

The companies on the list in this article can offer services around blockchain technologies and provide solutions in different industries. Hence, making it easier for adoption in various businesses.

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