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forensic tech tool
forensic tech tool

One of the important aspects of forensic activity is fixing the progress and results of investigative actions, the situation at the scene of the incident, and individual forensic objects. Traditionally used technical fixation methods produce high-quality black-and-white and color images. Above, special techniques are also considered, by means of which features that are invisible under normal conditions are revealed and displayed.


However, images recorded by any of the considered methods have a significant drawback: the images imprinted on them are a flat copy of the original three-dimensional picture. This disadvantage significantly reduces the information content of images and the possibility of analyzing the recorded data. This is why it is necessary to ensure the highest quality of features using a forensic tech tool or other images and video authentication software.


The use of forensic video recording in the investigation of crimes is necessary in cases where it is important to capture any action that is essential for establishing the truth in the case. Also, the dynamics of the development of an event or phenomenon are vital, along with the sounds accompanying them. However, the best case of using a forensic video recording for investigation is when you have a pre-recorded video from the crime scene, such as a CCTV.

Means and techniques of forensic video recording

In recent years, electronic fixation methods have been especially intensively improved. Their essence lies in the fact that the image of the imprinted object is transformed into an electrical signal, which is recorded on a magnetic medium. The signal does not need any processing, and in order for the image to appear on the monitor, only an electro-optical conversion is necessary.


Let us emphasize one important feature of modern electronic methods, which allows us to classify them as photographic. They ensure not only the display of the image on a TV screen or monitor but also its fixation on sensitive photographic material.

forensic tech tool

forensic tech tool

This photographic version of the display can be obtained on a special device or by direct photography from the screen. At the same time, in electronic methods, there are no fundamental restrictions on the same quality of the transmission of small details as in high-resolution color photographic materials. On this basis, a judicial video recording was formed, which is distinguished by efficiency, technological flexibility, and high information capacity.


Any video recording obtained from the crime scene must attain some level of clarity and be as visible as possible for it to qualify as a judicial video recording. But this seems impossible with pre-recorded videos of the scene which is the best and most useful evidence in any case. This is mostly due to the quality of CCTVs available in that sense. So, it would be best if you did CCTV enhancement for forensic video analysis to be possible.


Forensic research photography is a system of scientific provisions, means, and methods used to capture and study objects during a forensic examination. It is designed to provide experts with photographic tools and methods for analyzing forensic objects, as well as to provide a visual fixation of their general appearance and condition, an illustration of the results of the studies.


Photographic methods are most often used in examining documents when some fragments of texts have been added, smeared over, filled in, or removed mechanically or chemically, or the records have disappeared (extinct) from long-term storage in adverse conditions. A photographic change in contrasts is used to study forensic objects.


It allows you to get a photograph with an unusual brightness ratio in black-and-white shooting or color reproduction in color. Expert practice often enhances contrasts to bring out the desired image details. It can be obtained both in shooting and by specially processing the negative or even using image enhancement software. In complex cases, these approaches are combined to achieve the desired effect.


The quality and resolution must be good for a video or an image to be accepted in court proceedings. So, any forensic video or image analysis is only possible after CCTV enhancement. Also, you can use photogrammetry software to auto-measure the crime scene for a perfect and detailed description of the scenario. My Cognitech Cloud Online is the only forensic tech tool to help you with everything you want on CCTV enhancement.

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