Which Cognitech Forensics Software Is Right For You In 2023?

Forensics Software

Today, you can never talk about the best forensics software without mentioning Cognitech. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of the best software tools for forensic investigation.

As an investigator looking to become successful in this industry, you need to consider two things:

  • First, you need to understand how to pick a reliable brand for your forensics software tools.
  • Second, you need to understand how to pick the right software from your favorite company.

Since you’ve decided to work with Cognitech, you certainly don’t have any issue with the first factor. However, before going ahead to pick a software, you need to consider the second factor above.

  • What exactly is the best Cognitech forensics software to improve your investigation jobs?
  • Can Cognitech Video Investigator 64 perform different tasks?

You’ll discover all you should know about these Cognitech software-related questions as you read on.

What exactly are the 3 best Cognitech forensics software tools in 2023?

Forensics SoftwareWithout much talk, there’s hardly any Cognitech software that’s not the best in its category. While these tools are built differently, one thing they have in common is their ability to deliver the best results for their specific roles.

1.   Photogrammetry software

Cognitech’s photogrammetry software is suitable for investigators who are looking to achieve accurate crime scene measurements and biometric measurements of any suspect’s dimensions. This automatic forensics software, which is known as AutoMeasure 64, comes with different features that make it reliable for crime scene reconstruction.

Apart from helping to measure suspect dimensions at crime scenes, AutoMeasure 64 can also perform other functions:

  • For instance, this software can help to measure any subject’s dimensions, as long as the crime scene is visible.

Interestingly, you certainly don’t need any advanced knowledge of photogrammetry to be able to use AutoMeasure® 64.

2.   Forensic image authentication software

In forensics today, image authentication is an important process for getting evidence ready for court use. Since the integrity of any evidence has to be checked and confirmed intact before any court use, a reliable tool is needed to make this process easy. Here’s where the need to rely on a suitable image authentication tool comes into play.

The best Cognitech forensics software you can rely on today for image authentication is FiA 64. This software is designed to help authenticate and identify whether or not any available image evidence was tampered with or modified.

With several years of research, FiA 64 is designed to feature tons of amazing features, which make authentication easier on image evidence. Using this digital investigation software is pretty simple. You can visit Cognitech’s official page to learn more about the step-by-step guides for working with this forensic image authentication software.

3.   Video Investigator® 64

Cognitech Video Investigator® 64 is a multi-purpose forensics software. Today, you can take advantage of this software for different processes:

  • For instance, Cognitech Video Investigator 64 is an ideal investigator’s video editor.
  • That’s not all; this tool also comes with features that make it suitable for you to deblur online. Yes, you can take advantage of Cognitech Video Investigator 64 as a video deblurring software.
  • Furthermore, you can also take advantage of this tool as a reliable image enhancement software.

It’s safe to say that Cognitech Video Investigator 64 can perform multiple tasks. For you to use this forensics software tool for different operations, ensure to understand its different features and filters, including how they work.

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