How to Improve Your EDDM Service?

EDDM printing

When you have to reach out to a large group of people, EDDM comes with advantages that no promotional material can match. It had been designed to work for small businesses that do not have a big marketing budget.

You can blanket the whole geographic area with EDDM but you also have the option of using an online tool to map the mail piece to certain zip codes or routes within them.

EDDM service can be more personalized and targeted. If your EDDM is not generating the result you are looking for, you can use the tips given below.

  1. Highlight the Offer

A lot of mails can flood the eyes of your recipient with excessive copy, burying the offer- in case you are offering one. However, you need to make sure that you highlight the offer you are providing in the EDDM. In the EDDM postcard or brochure, you need to include multiple contact options that are impossible to miss in a large type. Make sure that the products and services you are offering are easily visible to your customers.

  1. Leverage Your Endorsements

People tend to trust the opinion of other people, particularly from an impartial, respected, and authoritative sources. It tends to be even more helpful if they are regional or local. For instance, if you have a logo from Google, include it in the full service EDDM to demonstrate social proof that it is a trusted source by consumers.

Here are a few interesting points.

  • Mail the offer to choose the zip codes and list them on the postcard.
  • Make the call-to-action for a specific date for scheduling an appointment.


  1. Simplify Complex Details

Generally, postcards are the best choice when they aren’t crowded with excessive information for your potential customers to read and digest. If you use too much negative or white space, it will help them concentrate on the crucial elements of the promotional campaign.

Design the EDDM printing in such a manner that your recipient is able to decide instantly which product or service they need. In case you are adding any offer to the EDDM, make sure that you use a large type. This way your customers will not be able to overlook it.EDDM printing

  1. Build on Your Local Ties

If you have to connect to a community, it makes to discuss your expertise at times. For several professionals, it is a crucial way to establish trust among your new or old customers. For instance, if you have a real-estate form, you can use bullet points for discussing the years of experience of your staff and recent success.

But in that case, it is better to vertically orient the EDDM. This will help in including more bullet points. Adding logos on sites, such as Facebook can help in adding confidence.

  1. Add a Map

If you want people to walk in through the door of your business, it can help to show where the door actually is on the map. For instance, if you own a Pizza chain, put a map of its nearest location to its potential customers on an EDDM mailer.

A few other good practices are to add coupons on your EDDM. Make sure you add them on both sides. They can increase the lift of the promotional campaign. An easy-to-read phone number can be really useful. You can include a QR code that will allow your potential customer to place an order.

  1. Choose the Right Locations

When you are distributing your EDDM, you need to ensure that you enter a radius, which aligns with your target audience and has a population that is big enough to make it worthwhile. Segment your customers with different promotions or you can target various regions to come to visit your business or store. It is best to choose by when you are sending your EDDMs. If you choose the right route, more people will respond to your EDDM campaign.

You don’t have to be a small or medium-sized business to use these smart practices enlisted here.

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