Marketing Strategies and Sales Structure: Don’t Forget the Expertise!

Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are a subject that sounds abstract to many people. And there are some reasons for this: firstly, digital marketing is something new for most managers and entrepreneurs. Secondly, it carries some misunderstandings that traditional marketers have struggled with for quite some time. A typical example is the perennial confusion between marketing and sales.

In today’s article, we will talk about this problem and how the human factor is important to undo this kind of confusion, integrate the marketing sector with sales and start innovating and profiting!


We will also show you the less discussed side of the two sectors and what may be missing for you and your company to understand the gigantic importance of marketing: the relationship between marketing strategies and sales structure! Finally, we will refer you to one of the best digital marketers to help you with your company’s digital marketing strategy framework.

What is Marketing?

In many cases, shortly after closing a contract with a new client, a marketing agency discovers something about the client: the in-house employee responsible for marketing is actually a brilliant salesperson or administration employee who has been reassigned.


This confusion is already part of common sense, and it’s better to start with it: marketing (whether digital or traditional) helps to sell and dialogues with the company’s management, but it is a different sector. It takes care of sales-related aspects (such as generating leads and opportunities, as we’ll see in a moment), but it’s not limited to that.


It also involves other aspects: product or brand positioning, after-sales relationship, and market education. In some cases, even rebranding (a more radical change in a brand’s image involving image, logo, and others) is part of marketing functions.

Marketing and Sales

digital marketing strategy framework

digital marketing strategy framework

Once this confusion is resolved, the next step is understanding how the two sectors are related since they have a common structure. Let’s look at an example of digital marketing: someone sees an article from your company online and clicks to read it. During the reading, you are invited to leave your data to receive more material on the subject that interests you.


By delivering this data, that visitor became a lead. This contact will continue to receive content and get closer and closer to discovering that they have a problem for which your company has a solution. When you’re on the verge of making that decision, it’ll be considered an opportunity, and that’s when it slips off the marketing team’s radar and onto the sales team.

Marketing Strategies and Sales Structure

And why is that? Why not make a sales approach right from the start? Simple: because the function of marketing is to reduce the costs and time that your sellers spend selling.


That’s why we talk about marketing strategies because there’s no point in having a blog and distributing content around if it’s not geared towards generating real business opportunities. In other words, marketing has to “pay for itself” with sales. And if the marketing strategy doesn’t find a sales structure on the other side, it won’t happen.


That is: marketing and sales are closely related but should always be thought of separately.

Isolated Actions and Marketing Strategies

Software, machines, spreadsheets, automatic emails, and other possibilities of the technological and connected world do not operate alone. This is obvious to some extent but still unclear to many people.


That lone marketing employee at one company—the one in the example we used at the beginning of this article—will not be able to run the entire marketing industry alone. It’s no use putting a CRM (Customer Relationship Management, the software responsible for managing the relationship between company and customer via salespeople) and waiting for it to take care of everything.


That employee will be overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge needed to run this process from start to finish. As we said, he can be a brilliant employee, but he won’t have all the necessary expertise to run an entire marketing strategy.

Strategy and expertise

There is no strategy without expertise. There is no way that a single person can command things as diverse as the creation of articles for a blog, automation of emails, online ads, optimization of landing pages, and nurturing and qualifying leads, for example.


The most important thing for marketing strategies is the human capital of experts who make it work. Do you know the old motto “people buy from people”? Well, it is an undeniable truth in traditional or digital marketing and sales.

The Role of Marketing Agencies

So don’t just try to solve every problem with free tools and the goodwill and intelligence of one of your best employees. If you want to see your brand grow, stand out in the market, achieve visibility, and become an authority, something more is needed.


For this, you must hire an agency to take care of your marketing strategies. See below for some reasons to do so:


  • Professionals from a good agency are hand-selected;
  • Done by specialists, your company’s marketing pays for itself and generates profit for you;
  • Instead of a series of isolated initiatives, you see the whole of a digital or traditional marketing campaign;
  • Marketing unburdens its sales sector and works together with it;
  • Your salesperson (the one you transferred to the marketing area) will be an interface, and, dealing with this agency, you will feel more secure and yield much more.


Most managers or entrepreneurs only think about costs when hiring a marketing agency. Looking at the value it can create for your brand through marketing strategies, you’ll realize it’s a big investment. And that every minute lost, from now on, is a loss.


Are you still having doubts about these advantages? Then get in touch with Mari-Marketing! We will help you seek a digital marketing strategy framework and present a new marketing method. This is our specialty! We can also help you with all you need concerning the Amazon suspension appeal.

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