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Top 3 Best Technologies To Learn Blockchain Development in 15 Minutes


Blockchain development has become a highly valuable skill in the Tech world. Suppose you want to learn this skill; it is vital to acquire some of the best technologies to learn blockchain development. You can find numerous tools and courses on blockchain development on online platforms. But this skill also requires the best blockchain learning resources.

In this article, I will discuss some of the best resources that can help you learn to develop blockchain in a short time. However, if you are a beginner, these tools will also be helpful. But you have to know the primary role of being a blockchain developer.

What Does A Blockchain Developer Do?

The primary role of a blockchain developer is to develop Blockchain technology. But everybody knows that. So, being specific will give you a more profound knowledge of blockchain developers’ responsibilities.

Firstly, blockchain development consists of two parts; core blockchain developer and software blockchain developer.

The core blockchain developer is the initiator of the fundamental aspects of the technology. They take charge of the base of designs, security, and architecture of blockchain technology.

On the other hand, software blockchain developers do more applying. Software blockchain developers are primarily responsible for building web applications and mobile apps using decentralization techniques. They execute these processes through the fundamental aspects of the core blockchain developers.

Here are some of the roles of a blockchain developer include;

  • Designing blockchain protocols
  • Developing smart contracts
  • Building networks for centralized and decentralized data
  • Developing the frontend and backend of blockchain software

Top 3 Best Technologies to Learn Blockchain Development

There are many resources, tools, and courses that can improve or build your blockchain development skills. So, it does not matter whether you have a poor background in software development; learning tools are always available. Here, I will discuss 3 of the best technologies that can help your experience in blockchain development.

1.   Coursera

If you are looking to register with an online platform that can provide fundamental blockchain development experience, Coursera should be among the first names on your list. Coursera provides members with some of the best courses for essential blockchain developments. This course also includes subtitles in French, Spanish, and various other languages.

You can have access to a course that teaches you blockchain from scratch. The course Blockchain: Foundation and its use case is a 10-hour course that covers essential blockchain development, core blockchain technology, and also the concept of decentralization.

2.   edX

edX is another excellent alternative that can help beginners learn to develop blockchain software. They provide resources to offer knowledge on blockchain development alongside other domains. This platform provides resources for fundamental blockchain knowledge. It could take about four months to complete if you put in three to four hours every week. But the knowledge is worth the time.

One unique aspect of this platform is how they also offer blockchain applications in some specific sectors. Their course, FinTech: Blockchain for Business and Finance, discusses blockchain’s application in the business and financial sectors.

3.   IBM

IBM offers one of the best technologies to learn blockchain development. You do not need to have any experience in blockchain or software development to learn the skills here. They provide basic knowledge of blockchain. IBM is also great at giving experience through applications such as building blockchain and decentralized apps (dApps). 

They also provide great experiences on how Hyperledger fabric works in building apps, decentralized systems, etc.

These are some of the top 3 best blockchain learning resources you can have. But I have a bonus point for you. And that is the Udemy platform.


This platform is a fantastic one that offers various online resources in different software and blockchain development. Udemy also provides primary resources in cryptocurrencies and blockchain all in one.

You can also find resources on blockchain and deep learning (Artificial intelligence) and how to apply this knowledge. Udemy’s courses also discuss how you can use the fundamentals of blockchain in various other sectors of life.

Here you go! Some of the top resources can help beginners or amateurs learn blockchain technology and other relevant skills necessary for software, web, and app developments.

Valuable Skills To Have As A Blockchain Developer

Generally, blockchain development does not involve a single skillset. You need relevant skills to execute various applications. Below are six skill sets that you should build as a blockchain developer;

Blockchain Architecture; This area of blockchain deals with how some basic and vital aspect of how this technology works. As a developer, building skills in cryptography, hash functions, and other blockchain architecture is necessary.

Cryptography; This skill set is significant to most software blockchain development. It is crucial in creating wallets, private keys, and digital assets. It also assists developers in creating public keys that enhance security authorizations.

Smart Contracts; These are similar to automation in systems. Smart contracts are features that execute transactions and commands automatically when a milestone is met. It is suitable for transactions that involve two or more parties. As a developer, you need to learn the essential programming language that helps you to build smart contracts.

Web and App Developments; Blockchain technology has a significant relationship with web developments in how they work. That is primarily due to their decentralization techniques. Developers should learn to build outstanding skills in web development.

Programming Language; Programming language is one of the essential skills developers should learn. Blockchain developers should have deep knowledge of programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and even Javascript. These computer languages would be vital in crucial parts of blockchain development.


Blockchain development can be exciting with the best resources available. The first step is to get fundamental knowledge of how blockchain works. You can also apply these ideas to self-created projects to test your skills.

However, some of the best technologies to learn blockchain development offer applications too. This post has discussed getting some of the best blockchain learning resources. So, with all these, even beginners can learn to develop blockchain and other decentralized software.

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