7 Female Founders You Should Know About

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7 Female Founders You Should Know About

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in women-founded businesses. With the success of these companies, it is important that we know about these female entrepreneurs and their accomplishments.
Some of these female founders are creating products for an entirely new market, while others are using their skills to help improve the lives of others.
Laurie Anderson: Co-founder and CEO of Onboardly
Sophia Amoruso: Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal

Introduction: 7 Female Entrepreneurs to Know About
7 Female Entrepreneurs to Know About
In today’s society, women are still underrepresented in the business world. However, with the help of famous female entrepreneurs, there is a change in the air. These female entrepreneurs have created successful businesses that are changing the face of entrepreneurship by providing new and innovative solutions to problems.
The following is a list of 8 female entrepreneurs who have made their mark in this male-dominated industry:
1) Arianna Huffington – Huffington Post Media Group
2) Michelle Phan –
3) Sara Blakely – Spanx
4) Elizabeth Holmes – Theranos
5) Marissa Mayer – Yahoo! Inc.
6) Jessica Alba – Honest Company
7) Leyla

Female Founders use their B2B Products to Change the World
Women are a driving force in the B2B industry, and their products are changing the world.
The United States has seen a growing number of female-led businesses in recent years. In 2017, women-owned companies accounted for nearly half of all net new jobs created in America.
Female entrepreneurs are using their products to change the world.

How these Famous Female Entrepreneurs are Changing the World & Where can They Take You?
These famous female entrepreneurs are changing the world in many ways. They have created new industries and changed the way people live their lives.
For example, make-up artist Mary Kay Ash founded a multi-billion dollar company that sells cosmetics, perfume, and skin care products. She also helped to found the company that would later become Avon Products.
Mary Kay Ash is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time and has been dubbed “the Queen of Direct Selling”. Her invention of the multi-level marketing plan allowed her to build a global empire from nothing and she is still considered one of the most important women in business today.
Kathy Ireland is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, TV personality, philanthropist, model, actress and author who was born in 1940. Her beauty empire grew

The 5 Factors that Empowered These Women to Become Famous and Successful Entrepreneurs
This article talks about how these famous female entrepreneurs and successful women are not only powerful but also empowered. It talks about their personal struggles and how they were able to overcome them.
The 5 Factors that Empowered These Women to Become Famous and Successful Entrepreneurs:
1. Starting with a strong vision
2. Creating a positive mindset
3. Having the courage to take risks
4. Learning from their mistakes
5. Knowing when it’s time for a change

The 5 Most Important Qualities of a Successful Woman in Businesses Today and How they Impact your Business & Life
These qualities are important for every woman in business and they can impact your business and life. So, it is important to know how to be successful in these areas.
1. A woman who is confident in herself
2. A woman who is proactive
3. A woman who knows how to build relationships with others
4. A woman who has a sense of urgency
5. A woman who is able to stay organized
famous female entrepreneurs
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