Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence: Future Human Evolution?


Ever wonder why are humans so smart? Well, it is basically because the human brain is analogous, unlike that of machines which is digital. A person can question his impressions and conclusions. This ability allows us to process abstract concepts: we can make a mistake in the definition, but as a result of the adjustment, we come to the truth.


For Artificial Intelligence, the assimilation of abstract concepts is a real test, often overwhelming. Any changes in the external characteristics of the object can lead to false identification. This brings about the debate of AI vs. Human Intelligence due to the everyday improvement of AI.


So that you can clearly understand our debate on Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence, we will define both entities and discuss their similarities and difference. Stay with us till the end if you want to understand the concept!

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is the invention that provides the ability of the computer or a robot connected to a computer system to perform specific actions similar to living things. Artificial Intelligence enables the computer to think like humans and solve complex problems like humans. Problems that require intelligence can be effectively solved with the help of computers.

What is Human Intelligence?

Human Intelligence is the ability to learn, reason, and solve problems, adapt to new situations, understand ideas, handle abstract concepts and learn, using knowledge to manipulate and take advantage of the environment.


Human Intelligence is a combination of all the named processes, which are directed toward effective adaptation. It is the union of many skills and has no limits. Our potential is almost infinite; different texts and exhibitors raise the power of vision, dreams, the desire to do things, and a positive mental attitude.


Furthermore, the concept of Augmented Intelligence has been created to increase the capabilities and intelligence of Human Intelligence. But what does augment mean? It involves enhancing human activities through machines and human-centered products.

A comparison between the AI and HI

In order to justify the comparison of Artificial and Human Intelligence, we will do that by describing natures, how they function as well as their learning power.


  • Nature: As discussed earlier in this article, we described why humans are so intelligent because of their nature to adapt and learn from their environment. Human Intelligence adjusts with everyday learning to a new environment by thinking, reasoning, or remembering. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence creates a machine to imitate humans but has a digital nature that relies only on data to solve problems.
  • Functioning: Human Intelligence is cognitive, using the brain to perform every function or activity. However, Artificial Intelligence carries out its process or action based on the stored data, that is, the data it is being fed.
  • Learning power: The learning power of both Human and Artificial Intelligence are distinct as humans learn from one another via communication. Artificial Intelligence learns differently via multi-level reflection, finding errors and fixing them while not being able to share information with other machines.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence: Are we Future?

As Artificial Intelligence keeps evolving with new development every day, it appears it will catch up with Human Intelligence soon. But this is false even with the creation of hybrid humans; because all evolution will always depend on human reasoning.


Human common sense is why evaluating how far humans can see is challenging. Regardless of the improvement of Artificial Intelligence, humans are the future to impact AI enhancement.

Conclusion: Future Human Evolution

The future of humans might depend on both artificial and human intelligence in the form of cyborgs. As it is predicted that 85% of the jobs of 2060 do not yet exist, but without a doubt, they will require the knowledge and use of these technologies. Therefore human and machine abilities will be necessary to perform activities in the future.

Gwendolyn Russell

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