What are the current business opportunities for Web 3.0?


What are the current business opportunities for Web 3.0?

After everyone’s heated discussion of “metaverse” and “NFT,” there is another trendy technology concept, which is “Web3.0”. Industry leaders and capital markets leading the way in technology have already focused on this. Many people believe that Web 3.0 represents the next outlet for the Internet.


According to the current development trend of Web3.0, We have sorted out the following five potential benefits from the trending business directions.

Issue native assets

Bitcoin was born in 2009 and is the first product most similar to the spirit of Web3.0. Its characteristics are;

  • openness
  • decentralization
  • censorship resistance
  • immutability
  • trustless
  • Permission-less.

Subsequent cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Tether, etc., are all products of this type.


Another native asset that is, in recent times, the most popular on the market is NFT (Non-Fungible Token). If Bitcoin is like a coin, the value of each currency is the same; NFT is like engraving a number on a coin of the same appearance or weight. These unique numbers make each coin different; 1 and 10 coins are two completely different things.

Hold native assets

This concept is not difficult to understand. It is also the business opportunity that most people are chasing now. Simply put, it is to hold on dips and sell on rallies. Enter the market early with a lower cost, wait for the asset to appreciate up to a certain price, and then exit the market profitably.

Build a network to increase the value of native assets

Creating application scenarios for the issued digital currency or NFT, etc., and then pushing up the value of the native assets held is somewhat similar to a market maker. Many well-capitalized companies are now actively creating application scenarios, and the most active one is Meta (formerly Facebook).


Take The Sandbox, for example, a virtual game world. SAND, an Ethereum-based utility token, allows you to buy and sell land and assets in the Sandbox Metaverse. Players can create and own different game experiences and earn money from them, pushing up the value of SAND coins and assets in the virtual world. Coupled with the help of celebrities, it is not surprising that the price soars.

A trading platform for native assets

At this stage, the business model of a generation depends on the financial infrastructure of these native assets: trading platforms, custodians, and derivatives providers. These are based on a simple business goal: providing users with services to trade these assets, such as domestic digital currency exchange platform coins (cryptocurrency exchanges).

Infrastructure (system or hardware)

The infrastructure that participates in Web 3.0 is the most intuitive investment opportunity. No matter which Web 3.0 projects stand out, they all need infrastructure support. There is room for further improvement in the fields of the public chain, cross-chain, identity system, decentralized storage, and private computing. Buying stock in companies that provide these services is another way.


Due to the explosion of Web 3.0, many professionals focused on Internet investments have joined teams investing in Web 3. But the most important key to the current development is whether it can find application scenarios. Many people in the market question whether this wave of hot spots will be like the .com bubble in 2000, just the crazy pursuit of capital. But in any case, future development is expected with capital and more talents invested in this track.

Gwendolyn Russell

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